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Helpful tips

In order to support returners back to work, we have developed a toolkit which is focused on those who have taken a break of over a year for caring reasons. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, young or old, senior or junior, what industry or occupation you worked in previously, or how long your career break has been. You may have been not working at all; you may have taken a lower-paid, part-time, temporary or self-employed role to fit around your caring responsibilities, and now be looking for a job which is more in line with your skills and experience.

Whatever your circumstances, we’ve designed the Toolkit to cover all the different stages of getting back to work, giving you advice, tips and support to make the process of returning as smooth as possible.

There’s never been a better time to be a returner. More and more companies are investing in returner programmes, and more and more employers are waking up to the value of returners’ skills, experience and maturity. The Government has a dedicated Returners Team working on this area and a £5m Returners Fund was allocated in the 2017 Spring Budget to support returners to work through a variety of initiatives.

People around the UK are returning to great jobs using their skills and experience, even after 15 to 20 years out of the workforce. We hope that this Toolkit will help you to join them and we look forward to hearing your return to work success story.


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